Cooperation between Veigel GmbH + Co. KG and FeLiTEC

2022-04-06 :

World market leader from Öhringen joins forces with innovation leader from Schorndorf. A milestone for the people with physical disabilities seeking mobility

Schorndorf/Öhringen. Veigel GmbH + Co KG and FeLiTEC enter a cooperation. The goal of the collaboration is to further develop and produce innovative technologies to enable better mobility for wheelchair users. Both companies are characterized by a high level of innovation. FeLiTEC celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and has been named an EXCELLENT INDUSTRY 4. 0 location for intelligent wheelchair loading systems with remote services by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics and Europe’s largest industry association, VDMA. Veigel Automotive has been in the industry for over 100 years and is one of the world market leaders in the field of dual controls for driving school vehicles and driving aids for people with physical disabilities. By establishing this cooperation, and sharing together knowledge and competencies, both manufacturers will benefit in the areas of development, production and marketing. At this year’s international rehabilitation trade fair REHAB in Karlsruhe from June 23 – 25, 2022, a new generation of the Brownie Plus wheelchair loading system, which won the State Innovation Award, will be for the first time presented to the public under the new name eLiVe, an acronym of the two cooperation partners FeLitec and Veigel. State-of-the-art features for automatic vehicle and wheelchair recognition to select the perfect loading curve, as well as manufacturing in accordance with the most relevant automotive guidelines. IATF 16949 makes the eLiVe the innovative quality champion of wheelchair loading systems worldwide. Other incentives such as evolutionary swing / sliding door concepts will follow. Both companies will also seek to develop innovative solutions for the increasing number of people with mobility impairments due to age.

“The successful basis of the cooperation is our shared awareness of quality, our innovative ideas and our passion for helping people with physical disabilities achieve more independence, mobility and freedom. I am very pleased to know that Veigel Automotive is a strong partner at my side, to set new standards for the benefit of mobility of wheelchair users,” says Felitec founder and CEO Felix Liehr.

“We are doers and Felix Liehr is also a doer. Together we will create solutions for people with physical disabilities and thus create the future. A future without limits for all people through new mobility concepts. A future through with fresh ideas. I am very happy to go into the future together with Felix Liehr and see this partnership as a great milestone for all people with physical disabilities seeking mobility,” says Jann Hendrick Swyter, CEO of Veigel GmbH + Co. KG, about the cooperation.


About Veigel GmbH + Co. KG:
Established in 1920, Veigel has been developing dual controls for driving school cars and driving aids for people with disabilities. Today, Veigel Automotive is recognized as one of the world market leaders in these areas and a major automotive supplier worldwide. Quality is present within all the company divisions. With certifications from the IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as the ISO 14001. Veigel GmbH + Co KG has also been in numerous occasions awarded with design prizes for mixing high-quality products with elegant designs and aesthetics. The Chairman is Dipl. -Ing. Hinrich H. Swyter, and the CEO is MBE Jann Hendrik Swyter.


About FeLiTEC:
Since its foundation in 1996, FeLiTEC has been characterized by its innovation and over 20 prestigious awards for entrepreneurial achievement. The product portfolio includes vehicle conversions individually adapted for people with disabilities, driving aids, seat collections, ramp systems and even the first intelligent wheelchair loading system with remote services. In the field of wheelchair loading systems, FeLiTEC is not only an innovation leader, but also encourages and seeks to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities or age-related mobility-impairments. FeLiTEC is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Founder and managing director is Felix Liehr.


Responsible according to the German Press Law and the Media services treaty, Oliver Raach
Member of DJV (German Federation of Journalists) for over 20 years, Press ID 02-1-006806. Book author as the first in Germany publicly appointed and sworn expert for the Motor vehicle provision for people with physical disabilities* Court appointed expert


Veigel GmbH + Co. KG
CEO: Jann Hendrik Swyter
Verrenberger Weg 36
74613 Öhringen
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Founder & CEO: Felix Liehr
Baierecker Str. 60
73614 Schorndorf-Schlichten
Tel. 0 71 81 – 4 58


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