Dual controls

The original by its inventor. Since 1920.

Veigel dual controls are manufactured in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Ready-to-ship dual controls are available for all popular car models. Perfect fit, easy installation and effortless removal in addition to years of trouble-free operation have made Veigel dual controls the market leader. For decades, the leading car manufacturers have been placing their trust in the outstanding quality of our products. From Alfa to Volkswagen: you will find our dual controls in most car manufacturing programs. Driving instructors, too, appreciate features such as our detachable and adjustable pedals. Veigel dual controls have become standard equipment in many vehicles over the past 100 years.

Product details

The original Veigel dual control is available for almost all vehicle types: passenger cars, buses and trucks. The concept allowing for an easy installation and removal of the system in just a few simple steps without any major technical modification to the vehicle presents a particular advantage. Removal of the dual control without leaving any significant trace is important as well. Our product range currently covers dual controls for more than 800 different car models. It is our goal to offer the adequate dual control for each vehicle. If needed, we solve complex cases by providing customer-specific solutions. Whether freewheel, detachable pedals or other solutions: since the invention of the dual control nearly 100 years ago, we have always been adapting our products to the needs of the driving instructors. Manufactured to meet the highest standards, our dual controls withstand the toughest tests.We only use the best spring steel, for example. Only certified welders are allowed to weld the required connections. Our ISO9001/14001 and TS16949 certification guarantees gap-free traceability up to the raw material. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring long-lasting and trouble-free operation of our dual controls.


  • The original dual control by its inventor
  • More than 800 models
  • Installation without major technical modification to the vehicle
  • Removal without a trace – important for resale / leasing return
  • Detachable and adjustable pedals
  • Freewheel or rigid pedal connection, depending on the customer’s needs
  • 99 years of quality
  • TS certification
  • OEM quality
  • Type approval for almost all systems

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