Comfortably enter and exit your vehicle

Entering and exiting the vehicle represents a considerable challenge for individuals with disabilities and for seniors. Specifically designed to accommodate various needs, our seats ease your everyday life. We only use seats built by renowned manufacturers, available in a wide range of models. You are of course free to decide on the optional equipment of your new seat: electric seat adjustment, seat heating, original upholstery or lateral airbag. The choice is yours.


Veigel eSlider - Electric Transfer Seat Console

For wheelchair users, getting in and out of the wheelchair and into the vehicle often represents a challenge. Our Veigel eSlider is here to make this process easy, smooth, and as comfortable as possible.

The Veigel eSlider comes in three different options. In 8 Way, 4 Way and 2 Way. Thanks to its memory function, all the directions can be individually programmed, stored and with the push of only one button, easily operated.

This is a great advantage for users looking to facilitate the transfer and operation process as well as for users with limited hand and finger functions.

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Veigel Twister - Swivel Seat

The Veigel Twister swivel seat ensures effortless entry and exit of the vehicle and facilitates the transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat and vice versa. We only use seats built by renowned manufacturers, available in a wide range of models to precisely accommodate your particular needs. It’s up to you to determine how much comfort you need: from electric seat adjustment and seat heating to original upholstery or even lateral airbag, every optional equipment is possible.

The Veigel Twister is produced using the latest technologies and complies with the latest safety standards and regulations, all products are crash tested and approved according to ECE R14.

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Easy Load seat

A special base plate enables pushing the passenger seat so far forward that a wheelchair-using driver may stow his foldable wheelchair behind the seat. Easy Load facilitates loading of the folded wheelchair. Installation of the Easy Load seat does not compromise the initial function of the seat.
Simple, practical, cost-effective. Available for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat as well as for other vehicle makes on demand.

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Slider seat

The extension enables pushing the driver or passenger seat back by approximately 40 additional centimeters. Thus, the wheelchair user may easily transfer from the wheelchair to the original seat. All safety-related features of the original seat such as seat belt or lateral airbag remain fully functional!

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Seat Adapter

The seat adapter is ideal for tall people and extends the adjustment range by up to 5 cm.


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In addition to our headquarters in Öhringen where we provide advisory, installation and sales services, we offer an extensive network of partners in Germany, Europe, Northern America and other parts of the world.

One of our service partners certainly is located near you.

Let us show you how VEIGEL solutions can bring mobility into your life.