ergonomy in driving

Under this trademark, Veigel GmbH + Co. KG develops a wide range of solutions to make the conventional vehicles and driving more ergonomic. With our technical solutions, we want to help establish the autonomy and mobility of our customers. Whether it's small products like the JIMMY, where we make it easier for people to buckle up and unbuckle, or an electric trunk opener, we see all of this as Ergomotive. Products under this category help people make gain ernonomy in their daily life whilst preventing or delaying long-term damages and protecting your health.


eLiVe - Wheelchair Loading System

smartHatch - Electric Tailgate Lift

Products for drivers and passengers

JIMMY - Seat Buckle Assist

Veigel Twister - Swivel Seat

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Wheelchair loading

from Autochair

Independence through mobility

In addition to our headquarters in Öhringen where we provide advisory, installation and sales services, we offer an extensive network of partners in Germany, Europe, Northern America and other parts of the world.

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