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Hand controls

Drive safely and comfortably

VEIGEL offers a large selection of hand controls for physically impaired individuals, combining ergonomically correct driving and driving pleasure. All our products meet the highest quality standards and only differ in their ease of operation and installation. With our hand controls you may access not only the main functions, but you are also able to activate your car’s secondary functions with your fingers.

Product groups for disabled drivers

Veigel eClassic

“Power-Safety-Control all in your hand”

Familiar face – new state of the art design and functionality- with the maximum driving pleasure. The e- Classic is much easier to use thanks to its cutting edge electronic acceleration which allows to you experience your vehicle in a completely new way.

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Veigel eConnect

Driving with the left hand

Available as either a Push-Pull, Push Radial or Push Rock, the new Veigel eConnect hand control is much easier to use than traditional mechanical systems thanks to its cuting edge electronic acceleration which allows you to experience your vehicle in a completely new way. As with all of the our hand controls the Push Pull can be configured in many ways to suit your individual needs. For the eConnects we offer three configurations: Basic Grip, V-360 Grip and Premium Grip with Functions (Horn and Turn Signals).

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Veigel Classic II

The second generation of a classic

2013 winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for design, our VEIGEL Classic II hand control offers more legroom and improved adjustability of the driver’s seat. Classic series hand controls allow for convenient control of brake and gas with the right hand. VEIGEL Classic II is designed to match the interior equipment of modern vehicles. The hand control is operated by turning/pushing.

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Veigel Compact II

Pull-push operated

The new VEIGEL Compact II has arrived! The second generation of the successful VEIGEL Compact optimizes acceleration, surprises by its elegant design and is very easy to operate: to accelerate, pull back the ergonomically shaped handle. A slight forward push activates the brake which may also be temporarily locked.

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Veigel Basic II

The cost-effective alternative

VEIGEL Basic II is the economical version of Compact II; it operates in the same way as its aesthetically and ergonomically more sophisticated sister: to accelerate, pull back the handle. A slight forward push activates the brake, which may also be temporarily locked. The sturdy and functional Basic II meets the basic requirements for hand controls.

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