Steering aids

Steering tailored to your needs

VEIGEL steering aids help you keep your vehicle under control at any time. The appropriate steering aid is as important as the appropriate hand control. Only if the steering aid is perfectly adapted to your particular needs will you be able to drive safely and comfortably.


Multifunction steering device MyCommand

Complete Control in Your Hand: Up to 14 secondary functions – such as indicator, light or the horn – can be controlled by the Veigel MyCommand. All functions are activated very easily without any response delay. The MyCommand presents an innovative product with a perfect ergonomic design.

The MyCommand is multitalented. The name indicates a varied functionality that can be operated by one hand without leaving the steering wheel. Even after a prolonged use it feels comfortable in your hand and all push buttons are very easily operated with just one finger.

The winning combination of a comprehensive technical know-how and a cutting edge design led to a clear display of all buttons so that you will have complete access in any situation. All this, of course, meets the highest automotive standards.


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Spinner knob

Our steering wheel spinner knobs are renowned for their excellent quality and modern design; they visually complement our VEIGEL hand controls.

The steering wheel spinner knobs are retractable and removable; they are available in 45 and 50 mm diameters.

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Tri-pin grip

Depending on the degree of hand mobility, use of a three-pin grip may be beneficial. Adequately supported, the hand and wrist stay securely in place on the steering wheel. The tri-pin is mounted on the steering wheel with a plug-in spindle and clamp brackets and may be removed at any time if needed.

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Lever relocation

Indicator and wiper levers are transferred to the most convenient side, taking into account your particular needs and enabling you to operate the levers with the most appropriate hand. The levers are simply relocated onto the opposite side. The original controls remain fully functional.

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Steering fork

The specifically shaped steering fork has been designed for people with reduced gripping strength. It provides firm backhand support; the hand stays securely in place and thereby ensures precise steering of the vehicle.

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