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Company history

Respect for tradition, courage for innovation

Typical Swabian inventiveness is at the origin of our company. In 1920, Wilhelm Veigel established an automobile repair shop; subsequently, he simultaneously worked as a driving instructor. In 1925, he developed a dual control for driving school vehicles for his own use. This invention is considered the birth date of our company.

In the early 50s, the German patent office granted Wilhelm Veigel several patents for his inventions. Henceforth, the company dedicated itself exclusively to manufacturing and distributing the patented VEIGEL dual controls.

A directive issued in 1957 stipulating that all driving school vehicles in the Federal Republic of Germany had to be equipped with a dual control initiated a decisive change for VEIGEL.

After Wilhelm Veigel’s death, his wife Frieda Veigel and subsequently, their daughter Waltraud Horlacher continued to run the company.

Successful since


Foundation of the company

Wilhelm Veigel establishes the company as an automobile repair shop and subsequently, also works as a driving instructor.


Invention of the dual control

In 1925, Wilhelm Veigel develops a dual control for his own driving school vehicle.


Patent registration

In the 1950s, Veigel is granted several patents for dual controls.


A decisive step

Due to increasing traffic, a law prescribing the use of dual controls for brake, gas and clutch in driving school vehicles is introduced in Germany, accelerating the company’s growth.


Wilhelm Veigel, founder of the company, dies.

After Wilhelm Veigel’s death, his wife Frieda Veigel continues to run the company and subsequently, hands it over to their daughter Waltraud Horlacher.



In the absence of a successor coming from the Veigel family, Hinrich H. Swyter takes over the company.


New Rehamotive division

Taking over Bruhn and Griep West companies at the beginning of the new millennium, Veigel GmbH + Co. KG enters the Rehamotive market, commercializing driving aids for individuals with disabilities.


Veigel goes to North America!

In cooperation with James Morrison and Jann Hendrick Swyter, Veigel establishes Veigel North America, successfully introducing the second generation of Swyters into business.



Veigel North America takes over the American company Mobility Products & Design, thus enlarging its product portfolio for the North-American market.


500.000 dual controls sold

500.000 dual controls sold


Introducing generational change

The next generation participates in the company.


Natural disaster

At the end of May 2016, the city of Künzelsau is struck by a meteorological catastrophe. The whole town, including Veigel, drowns in mud.


Moving into our new customer and development center

In July 2016, our company makes another important step. After 96 years spent in Künzelsau, Veigel moves into its new customer, development and production center in Öhringen.

In addition to our headquarters in Öhringen where we provide advisory, installation and sales services, we offer an extensive network of partners in Germany, Europe, Northern America and other parts of the world.

One of our service partners certainly is located near you.

Let us show you how VEIGEL solutions can bring mobility into your life.

Veigel headquarters

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Veigel GmbH + Co. KG
Verrenberger Weg 36
74613 Öhringen
Tel.: +49 7941 605 85 0

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