Veigel Driving School Corona Kit


Special times call for special measures.

At Veigel, we are a team together. Each and every individual makes an indispensable contribution to the Veigel family. Our partners also belong to the Veigel family. We are convinced that the well-being of all is increased through joint work and cooperation. Cooperation is essential, especially when it comes to health challenges.

We have developed the Veigel Corona Driving School Kit in order to meet the hygienic requirements required for the full functionality of driving schools.

The kit consists of a protective screen, a faceschield and a bottle of disinfectant. The screen is easy to install and remove. On the one hand, it enables more passengers to be on board and on the other hand it enables driving school tests to be carried out. The easy-to-clean face shield can be used by driving school teachers to increase hygienic safety in the vehicle. The disinfectant completes the hygiene measures and should be used before and after each driving hour.


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