Team-Building! The first episode: The Veigel Burger


For us it is of great importance that our employees feel important and part of the family runned business that we are. We believe having a sense of identity and belonging to an organization are essential in mantaining an optimal company atmosphere where everyone feels happy to be a part of. With almost 100 employees, internal communications and getting to know everyone at the company can sometimes be somewhat challenging. Which is why we have developed a series of planned team building events, where our teams will not only deal with important situations that involve communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution but also have the chance to get to know colleagues whom they maybe had not spoken to before. And why not, have fun at it, get creative and eat burgers. 🙂

We have split members of different departments into several teams. Each of the teams will be responsible for creating a dish which will be later shared with the rest of the company in a company gathering. Last week, the first team „Team Burger“, got together to create what we have called the „Veigel Burger“. We hope these hamburgers don’t make you suffer if you are trying to follow the „summer body“ diet 🙂  Here are some pictures:



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