Today, after 37 years in Veigel and having developed 1,792 dual controls, our colleague Wilfried Merkle goes into his well-deserved retirement


We kick off the week with mixed feelings at Veigel. Our long-time colleague Wilfried Merkle had his last working day last Friday before his well-deserved pension.

His knowledge, dedication and hard work have all contributed to our success in the industry as well as to becoming the world leaders of dual controls for driving school cars.

To celebrate his last day as a company employee and to take advantage of the wonderful summerlike weather we had, we organized a delicious barbecue together with the whole Veigel family.

The Veigel family wishes Mr. Merkle a great “post-Veigel” life, with lots of health and great travels.

We’re going to miss him.

Below some photos:

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