The new WLTP Standards. How does it affect you?

2018-10-15 :

What is WLTP?

The new WLTP standards stand for “Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure”. It has been developed to replace the NEDC and aims to provide better measurements of the fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions for all the upcoming automobile models starting September 2018. Thanks to the fact that it is performed in everyday driving situations (ranging from inner-city traffic to motorway travel), the WLTP will allow the pertaining authorities to obtain more accurate results whilst maintaining the dynamics found in everyday driving.

What changes and how is it more accurate?

In contrast to the NEDC, the WLTP is much more dynamic and has higher levels of accuracy. How? – in contrast to its predecessor, the WLTP involves significantly more acceleration and braking and considers the effects of customized-equipment made to enhance weight or aerodynamics in cars. It is also composed of more complete driving cycles with stringent test specifications, such as longer measurement periods, more “real-life driving” situations and a higher maximum speed.

Some of the general standards found in the test are:

-From cold start, four speed ranges (up to 60 km / h, up to 80 km / h, up to 100 km / h and over 130 km / h.) are measured. Within each of the cycles there are moments of acceleration and braking.

-The average speed is now 47 km / h in comparison to the 33 km / h from the NEDC.

-The test chamber has now a temperature of 23 ° C in comparison to the 20 – 30 ° C from the NEDC.

– Previously, the NEDC driving cycle took 20 minutes in a track length of 11 kilometers.The WLTP now increases both the time and track length to 30 minutes and 23 kilometers.

-Power-consuming optional extras, such as the air conditioning or seat heating, remain switched off for the test procedure.

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