Thinking about driving after a permanent physical impairment or stroke? Yes, you can – The benefits behind Veigel’s MyCommand steering aid



May I be able to drive again? is probably one of those questions that come to mind after suffering from permanent physical impairments or a stroke. It’s not out of this world nor unusual to want to drive after such events. Neither it is to have the desire to continue living autonomously and with self-determination.

At Veigel Automotive we understand the challenges present in such complex situations, the safety concerns that come with it and most of all, the importance of automotive mobility in people’s lives. Ninety-seven (98) years after, we continue developing the most advanced and innovative automotive mobility solutions with the objective of satisfying our customer’s needs and requirements. Veigel’s solutions include Hand Controls, Steering Aids, Pedals, Seats, Transfer Aids as well as the possibility of having Customized Solutions.

One of our latest driving solutions aimed at helping people with disabilities and/or who suffered from a stroke is our MyCommand steering aid.


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As shown in the video above, Veigel’s MyCommand is a perfect mix between the ideal ergonomic design of a control and pure innovation. We are aware that driving after a stroke or with a disability can be quite challenging. With MyCommand, which fits entirely in your hand, we give you the power to control up to 14 secondary functions – such as indicators, lights and even the horn.

To provide the upmost efficiency and safety, all functions of the MyCommand can be easily identified and activated, have no delayed response and can be operated without having to let of the steering wheel. In other words, MyCommand enables you to control with comfort a variety of your car’s functions with only the use of your fingers.

All our Automotive Mobility Solutions at Veigel Automotive are ISO certified and comply with the highest of quality and safety standards. That is why today we are market leaders in the industry and export our products from Germany around the world. If you are either looking for advice or interested in learning more about the solutions we have to offer, do not hesitate in contacting us via phone, email or visit our website for more options.

We are very much looking forward to helping you gain back your automotive mobility!

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