100 years of Veigel: How a small Künzelsau business became a multinational family business


The history of the first twenty years 1920-1940: Through a mix of the typical Swabian life spirit and family ambition, the basis of our company was created.

On the 15th of November of 1920, the 24-year-old mechanic Wilhelm Veigel rented a workshop in the lower town of Künzelsau near the “Schlosser Höhl”. Here, in modest premises, a bicycle and sewing machine repair shop with a sales outlet began. These were the beginnings and thus the basis for today’s company Veigel GmbH + Co. KG.

The times back then were hard and required great care. Inflation did not allow for generous planning, but rather forced a cautious approach.

On the 1st of April 1921, the shop “House of Glock beim Bären”, which included a workshop at the back, was rented. This way, through the sell of motorcycles, vehicles and holding embroidery courses, a growing customer base was built with the pass of time. In 1922 the first motorcycles were sold, in 1923 a petrol barrel tank was built and in October 1924 the first Opel “Laubfrosch” or “Tree Frog” was sold.

The year 1925 was a decisive year for the company’s future. On this year, Wilhelm Veigel bought the office building on the “Hauptstraße” “Main Street” and set up the shop with the repair workshop there. The first Dapolin petrol pump was built in November 1925; the petrol station was later extended with a BV petrol pump.

The increasing motorization brought further success for the company Veigel. So in 1927/1928 the workshop was built in the Lindenstraße with a petrol station, a very innovative solution for that time.

Wilhelm Veigel worked tirelessly as a representative of Adam Opel AG, Stöwer, Zündapp and Ardie. During these years he also expanded in the area of driving school to enable even more people to drive a vehicle. The repair shop already had a master craftsman and several employees at that time. In the 1930s, another 6 garages for car maintenance were added, as well as a modern service station in the Lindenstraße.

With the outbreak of the 2 World War came a big break in the success story of Veigel. Mr. Wilhelm Veigel was drafted to the German Air Force on the 1st day of mobilization and the younger employees joined the Armed Forces. Of course someone had to maintain the business. Always considered as a great driving force in the company and with the support of the apprentices and the couples’ children, Mrs. Frida Veigel managed to navigate the company through this extremely difficult time.

As you may have seen, the first twenty years included several changes for Veigel. Two new company buildings built and the changes in society with the motorization both pushed the company strongly forward.

On the next 100 years of Veigel post we will be reporting on the years 1940-1960. If you have funny, sad, important or interesting information and/or anecdotes about and with Veigel, we would be more than pleased to hear from them. Send us your story with our company to luigi.savignano@veigel-automotive.de

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