A quick glance at Veigel’s world!


As part of our ongoing efforts to support our region and its youth, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lara, an 11th Grade student from one of the local schools of the area, for one week. We seek to help students like her, gain a better understanding of the different areas within a company and therefore potentially facillitate the decision making process when choosing a profession.

Lara: „During my one-week internship at Veigel, I learned a lot about different topics such as supply management, sales, production, quality management, marketing, development and IT.

I also got the chance to know a lot of nice people and gained a better understanding of what its like to work in such a nice working atmosphere like the one found in Veigel.

There was at all times a positive atmosphere and I even got the chance to play UNO at lunch time with several of the colleagues. Veigel is definitely a very socially committed company that tries to help people by providing them with new ways to enable mobillity.

It was a very nice experience and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do this internship at Veigel.“


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