Warm “Glühwein”, grilled sausages and many smiles. Our Annual Christmas Tree Family Fest officially opens the Christmas season at Veigel Automotive

2018-12-13 :

As part of our Christmas tradition and as a gesture of gratitude for all the hard work during the year. We organized our annual Christmas Tree Fest for our employees and families at the Headquarters in Germany. Yes, we know you may be asking yourself, why Christmas Tree Fest?

Mainly because we give each of our employees the possibility to choose from a variety of regionally grown Christmas trees to take home. Fest? Well that one is easy. All the families have the chance to share with one another a wonderful time together, enjoy grilled regional products and of course to stay warm with a tasteful “Glühwein” or “Punsch”.

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At Veigel Automotive, we are more than just a company,we are a family business and as a family we love to get together to celebrateChristmas in joy.

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